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Welcome to the Galveston Family Beach Challenge. The place where families come together to challenge other families and go for the big prize in a fun and friendly environment right in the heart of East Beach Galveston.

Explore the Stations.

Fut Golf.

3 Holes
1 Family vs. 1 Family
25 pts. to the winner

Tug of War.

1 Family vs. 1 Family
3 Rounds Per Game
25 pts. to the winner


1 Set of 15 pts.
1 Family vs. 1 Family
25 pts. to the winner

Sack Race.

Up to 4 Families
2 Team members run from each side
25 pts. to the winner

Giant Jenga.

1 Family vs. 1 Family
Same rules as Jenga follow
25 pts. to the winner

Giant Dominoes.

1 Family vs. 1 Family
Same rules as dominoes follow
25 pts. to the winner

Giant Memory Cards.

1 Family vs. 1 Family
Family with the most pairs wins
25 pts. to the winner

Castle Contest.

Up to 4 Families
20 minutes to build castle
25 pts. to the winner
East Beach Galveston | 1923 Bodderker Rd., Galveston, TX 77550

Prepare For Family Fun

The Peacemaker

Usually the supportive, warm and perceptive, she’s pretty awesome, let’s call her mom.

The Thinker

Usually the curious, analytical and introvert, he’s quite amazing, let’s call him dad.

The Adventurer

Usually the energetic, lively, optimistic and great contributing fellow, let’s call him son.

The Helper

Usually the self-confident, high ideals, warm and concerned, let’s call her daughter.

The Story Behind the Challenge.

Handcrafted for Families.

We believe in family values and when you combine those with a fun beach challenge you can only get life-time memories with your loved ones. The Galveston Beach Family Challenge has been handcrafted to team up families to compete against other families in fun games and activities for the ultimate prize in the heart of Galveston.  Finally the fun you’ve been craving is here.

Family Challenge Rules
Each family will participate in different activities.
At least 4 members per family are required to register, ages 8+.
It is required to participate at least one time per station.
Families can repeat stations no more than three times max.
Families will have 3 hours from the first station to engage in all activities.
Families can check the website or the screens onsite to view the scoreboard.
At 4:30 PM CST, the family with the most points will be the winner of the grand prize.
In case of a tie: If two or more families are tied, the families will play a Jenga match to break the tie.

Enter Into A World Of Fun

Upcoming Challenges.

Share the Challenge with Your Family & Friends.

Grand Prize DetailsFor the Winning Family

$ 2,000

in Prizes

Four admissions to:

  • Schlitterbahn
  • Moody Gardens
  • Bishop’s Palace
  • Moody Mansion
  • Lone Star Flight Museum
  • Ocean Star Drilling Rig Museum
  • Harbor Dolphin Tour
  • $500 VISA prepaid Card


Use the link below to register to the upcoming Galveston Beach Family Challenge.  Let’s have some fun!

Want to register for other Challenges in the future?  Click here

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East Beach Galveston | 1923 Bodderker Rd., Galveston, TX 77550